About Me

I’m Ruth, a hair extension and hair loss specialist and the owner of this wonderful business. I've spent years giving women their dream hair through extensions and I found my way to the hair loss side of the business in the spring of 2017, when a great friend of mine was terminally ill, in hospice care, with an aggressive form of Neuroendocrine cancer. 


Young (27), beautiful and strong, her wish was to have the full head of hair she once had before all of her chemotherapy and radiation treatments had destroyed it all and I made it my mission to find a way to give this to her and make her feel beautiful again.



Unable to cope with or want a wig, I found an amazing system - 'Mesh Integration', that would allow her to have a full head of hair extensions attached safely without the need of a wig! Sadly, my beautiful friend passed away before I could train and help her, however she gave me the gift of my new found skills. 


Jumping forward to now - I serve hundreds of women, many of them wearing my incredible systems, giving them the happiness and confidence they deserve. I feel truly blessed to be offering wig alternatives and new hair to women going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. 


I’m fortunate enough to work in this beautiful county of Norfolk, meaning my services are extremely competitive and inclusive to everyone - making your transformation affordable from the very start.


I love helping people and if I can give you the hair of your dreams, then I’m happy, knowing that i'm doing what I’ve always wanted to do! I’m here to serve you through my passion and dedication to my work - if you think I can help you please contact me, I’d be delighted to hear from you, get to know you and see what I could do for you. 

Ruth x